Food4Patriots Patriot Platinum Survival Package


Everything your family needs to weather any crisis, natural or man-made! We’ve made it easier than ever to get complete peace of mind, so whatever comes next, you’re ready. The Patriot Platinum Survival Package is the most comprehensive survival package we’ve ever created. If you need it in a crisis, it’s in there.

One of these kits for every member of your household will give you true disaster-proof peace of mind. In our biggest and most comprehensive kit ever you’ll get:

Food4Patriots Patriot Platinum Survival Package Includes:

  • 2,700+ FULL servings of every kind of survival food we have
  • FREE Shipping
  • 1-Year Food Supply
  • Fruit, Veggie & Snack Kit
  • Meat & Protein Kit
  • F4P SurvivalCoffee Kit
  • Breakfast Kit
  • Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System
  • Alexapure Go Bottle
  • Alexapure Breeze Air Filtration System
  • Patriot Power Generator 1500
  • 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel
  • 25-foot Solar Panel Extension Cord
  • 4Patriots EMP Bag
  • 2 FREE Sets of Survival Playing Cards
  • FREE Hardcopy of Survival 101
  • FREE Hardcopy of Survive Urban Chaos
  • 4 FREE Liberty Seed Vaults
  • FREE Hardcopy Bonus Reports – (worth $20 each!)
    • 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis Report
    • Water Survival Guide Report
    • How to Cut Your Grocery Bills Report
    • Survival Garden Guide Report
    • Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid Will Fail
    • The Blackout Response Guide
    • The Generator Survival Checklist
    • The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid

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Food4Patriots Patriot Platinum Survival Package

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Preparedness is a must...We live in a crazy world!

I started purchasing little bits of your different kits, starting with the 3 month supply of food. I have tried a couple of the meals and was impressed by the taste, after being in the military and experiencing sea rations and other forms of dehydrated foods, nothing compares to the food and rations in your kits. I have went on to buying more supplies over the last year, which include the generator, water purifier, air cleaners, and more smaller kits. I saw your special on the platinum survival package, so I just purchased that over Labor day weekend and am excited to receive the contents. I work on the power grid in the northwest and know exactly how vulnerable the systems are to terrorism and cyber attacks, and now with all the ruckus going on around the world, I felt I owed it to myself and family to be prepared for the worst, even if nothing happens, I have a peace of mind that I am somewhat prepared to survive. I have been sharing this info with co-workers and family also so they can at least get themselves prepared in case something does happen. I want to thank the 4patriots team for your great products and prompt delivery of products. Hope for the best, but prepared for the worst, I hope more people will live by this motto!!

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